Stephen H.

Very knowledgeable and thorough. I felt like I was taught to do well, not just what was required!

Chris A.

The instructor's knowledge and his willingness to explain was the most valuable part of the class!

Ashley I.

Loved all of the class!

Luis R.

Mr. Dean is an excellent instructor! He kept the class interesting, yet fun! He is also extremely patient and will to work with me when I struggled with some of the concepts. Thanks to Mr. Dean, I feel better equipped to deal with situations that may be encountered in the field!

Chris E.

Could have been boring and just talked a lot a fell like hunter education, but instead got us active, taught us valuable skills and over all made it fun!

Jared N.

Instructor Dean went above and beyond his duties to provide us with the necessary training!

Amber A.

I am recommending to multiple people to take this course! Very good instructor!

Shawn S.

Awesome! It was a pleasure to attend this course! Thank you!

Antonio P.

The material was explained very well. If I could understand it anyone can. Instructor was very good at teaching and being very patient with the students.

Jack A.

As an OPOTA instructor with over 20 years of experience I came with an open mind and walked way learning something new. Thank you.

Ken C.

Doug was very disciplined and stayed on course during the two-day training! He was very helpful and worked with those that needed help and stayed with them until they passed!

Andrew R.

The instructor knows what he's talking about! Don't ever retire!

Lance R.

Outstanding service and instructor with knowledgeable staff eager to teach!

Brittney F.

Extremely prepared and an expert on the material!

Matt F.

Would definitely recommend course to anyone looking! Top-notch instruction!

Lauren S.

Excellent instructor! Very patient with students! Explained everything in detail!

Justin B.

Everything was very thorough and well exceeded previous experiences! Incredibly professional and knowledgeable! First time I've actually learned anything value in OPOTA course!

Kyle B.

Shared prudent knowledge to help in the field and well beyond the basic course!

Curtese P.

Excellent communication and adaptation to every individual! Very patient with everyone!

Matt F.

Very well done and taught! I learn3ed more in twenty hours about weapons handling than 13 years in law enforcement! Instructor was extremely knowledgeable!

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