Point 1 Tactics: AIWB/ Red Dot Pistol – July 10-11

Point 1 Tactics: AIWB/ Red Dot Pistol – July 10-11


2 Day Pistol Class

Price:  $550 + $20 Range Fee Each Day

Location:  Hammer Hollow Range / St. Louisville, OH

Round Count:  1000rds



2 Day pistol class enhancing the skills of the individual that carries every day.  Class will focus on the effiency of appendix inside the waist band (AIWB) and the implementation of a red dot on your pistol.  Topics covered in AIWB:  Holster selection and placement, draw techinque will be covered in extreme detail from start to the final presentation, and a variety of drills to validate the techniques that are being implemented.  Red dot topics being covered:  Zeroing, selection of dots, slide milling, finding the dot on presentation EVERYTIME, multiple aiming techniques, back up iron sights, and why using a red dot is superior.  After this class the student will be able to expand upon their every day carry skills and self-diagnose to keep their shooting skills at a high level.  Each day students will have an opportunity to shoot the “Point 1 Tactics Elite Pistol Performance Standards”.

***You do not have to carry AIWB to take this class, but please note this class is primarly focused on the AIWB carry postion***


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