Center Axis Relock/360 CQD (Close Quarters Defense)



We have a duty to ensure that we continue to search for techniques that work on demand and at a moment’s notice. To resist new ideas, to discard new thinking, to turn a blind eye, is to put our ego in front of the safety of an Operators Life. The CAR System has been adopted as the primary weapon firing and retention system by many top Agencies. They know the benefit it offers. Try it for yourself, and make up your own mind. 
– Paul Castle – The Car System – Center Axis Relock

There are two types of people in this world those that are prepared to defend themselves and those that are not. Which would you prefer to be?   Center Axis Relock or The CAR system is a shooting system designed to enhance close-quarters fighting capabilities. The CAR System does not replace what you are doing now, it adds to it. The CAR System can help you develop the skills necessary to react quickly and effectively in many life-threatening situations.   The CAR System Course is an Advanced Close Quarters Defense (CQD) firearms training course intended for self-defense only. Students are required to have Basic Firearms Safety and Handling Skills.

In 2009 and until his premature death from cancer in 2011 Paul Castle the creator of the CAR System declared Jeff Johnsgaard to be the official heir to the CAR System.  Jeff has proudly continued to forward the CAR System both in technique and in instructional framework to his day. Natural Tactical Systems ( is now the home of Center Axis Relock/360 CQD Close Quarters Defense.

The CAR System training is a two-day course

Day-one – classroom: the Student will develop a thorough understanding of the Principles of the CAR System and go hands-on practicing the firing positions, reloading and stoppage drills, as well as firearm retention training.

Day-two – on the range the student will put the principles learned on day one into live fire practice.

Course requirements:

  • Concealed Handgun License, Law Enforcement Commission, Active Military or Private Security F.A.B.
  • The course requires a minimum of 1200 rounds of ammunition.

All firearms training conducted at Dark Horse MTE, 5800 Purity Rd NE, St. Louisville, OH 43071 (see map)

Course Dates

November 6th, 8am-5pm & 7th, 9am-6pm (Michigan)

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