Dark Horse - Taser
Dark Horse – Taser

The TASER® User Certification Course

The TASER® User Certification Course is open to licensed Private Security & Bail Bond Professionals.  The eight hour TASER® User Certification Class cost is $150.00.   TASER® User Certification is valid for a period of one year.

TASER® Training for civilians available upon request.

TASER® International Does Not Require Exposure to a TASER® Electronic Control Device (ECD) for Certification.

TASER® Class Outline:

  • Learn how to take command of a potentially dangerous situation before deploying TASER®
  • How to give verbal and direct orders to a subject before deploying TASER®
  • Deployment tactics
  • Tactical reload
  • Probe placement and removal
  • Control and cuff under power and more

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